Aurélie Andrès | Studio
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Oh really!

Oh really ! This is the story of a giant sticker specially made for a window display. Quickly victim of its own success, it becomes a must-have for home.
Since then, several collections came into being.


Aurelie Andres’s studio is located in the heart of Strasbourg- Saint-Denis area, Paris. The contrast between the great social mix of the street and the tranquility of this place brings me a real inspiration.


Brand identity is defined by the visible elements that together identify and distinguish the brand in the consumers’ mind. A brand is full of stories, and I tell these stories with materials such as paper, fabric, patterns, Uni Posca (paint pen), tapes and stickers for your window displays.


Manual and passionate, I first worked for textile while exploring every materials which allow me to create.That’s why I launched my own creative studio two years ago. My influences come from my trips around the world. From India to New York, each destination is a real source of inspiration, sharing my time between discovering new techniques and finding new materials. I like mixing technology and craft industry. My skill is a real way of expression.


Sometimes it’s difficult to expres a brand identity during an event, a trade show or during a Pop-Up store. From advice to realization, my work consists in building scenographies and atmospheres which express what brands want to convey.


I help brands in creating collections by combining my skill and many improvement techniques such as embroidering, printing, dyeing, weaving, screen printing, whatever it is for trade shows, display, shop window or for home.